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Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes. Relax your mind. Soften the space between your brows. Unclench your jaw. Resist the temptation to focus on the next thing. Take a deep breath in, and take twice as long to exhale. Feel your shoulders soften as you do. Wiggle your fingers and your toes playfully.

That is YoGa.

Hop on over to my site for more about how you can ease into 2023 with a gentle smile across your face. A better year awaits you. Your Tribe awaits you. Replace the time you spend binge watching and scrolling with something that makes your soul bloom.

Welcome 2023...we are happy to receive you. Have some questions? Here are some FAQs. If that doesn't answer them, reply now to CHAT today or book a Discovery Session to begin your journey.

How often does YTT meet? Weekly, but it is ok if you miss and makeup the session a different day. What do I need to do each week?

One yoga class, one conference call, one lab, one podcast. I'm not sure if I am good enough at yoga to begin, how do I know? All are welcome. I am best known for my "Michelle's Easy Yoga Class" and yoga is not limited to balance and headstands.

How long is training? Most will begin in January and finish in May, but we run our cohorts year-round, so that we may fill the room with folks in different stages of their journey. This provides the most robust training experience.

How much is the tuition and do you have payment plans?

The tuition is $1899 and we take Affirm and AfterPay.

I noticed some online trainings for $99, do you have something like that? If you are looking for something more affordable, join our online training for $598. You will still enjoy interactive conference calls, to ensure you are not just a Zoom thumbnail on a screen. Training needs to be interactive and most $99 programs are not.

Do you offer yoga class as part of your training? Yes! We have partnered with Grow Well Yoga for you to earn up to 20 of your hours doing weekly yoga. See their schedule for the classes you want to attend. Any class with the word "yoga" qualifies. Class passes are available through them for purchase.

If I choose the online program, how do I get yoga classes? You may earn classes at any studio you like, or may we suggest the lululemon Studio Mirror which is currently on SALE now for sale half price. The $ALE ends today. Ask me how.

I have more questions, can we talk now? YES! Reply now via text 630-246-2356 Send a CHAT on our site from the bottom-right corner Reply to this Email

or Book a Discovery Session

Who will my trainer be? Your Lead Trainer will be Michelle Rae Sobi, E-RYT 500 with over a decade of training experience and a five-star rating on Yoga Alliance.

***LAST CALL*** for the lululemon Mirror to be included in the in-person tuition. Their deal ends today, so ours does, too. This is a fun way to earn hours doing yoga in the privacy of your own home.

Can I choose my training schedule? Yes! We offer training: Tuesdays 12-2pm Wednesdays 6-8pm

Sunday 12-2pm

Now is the time to begin.

Namaste, Michelle


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