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Need Direction? We can help.

How to get to where you want to go.

First: You have to start. This can be as small as a post-it note on your mirror to remind you daily of your goal.

Second: Get really clear on how you want to get there. If, for example, you want to take pictures of yoga retreats in exotic must spend time learning to take pictures. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft, so the sooner you begin...the better!

Third: Tell the world what you want to do. Social Media has an unbelievable reach, so unfollow the peeps that don't make you feel happy and get to sharing your hopes & dreams with your community. Who doesn't love a good story? Share your journey with them. Those who are in alignment with you will root and cheer you on! Those who don't will fall away.

Fourth: Do the thing. Seriously. All of the training in the world will never replace the confidence gained from experience. It's scary, I get it. Do it anyway. Betty White once said a bit of stage fright gives you an edge. I concur!

Fifth: Find your tribe. Surround yourself with folks that are in alignment with what you want to do. Embrace the power of joining forces.

Sixth: Share the wealth. Stay humble and give back to your community. This has always found its way back to me. It's paramount. For every assist you take, offer two in return to the Universe.

Seventh: Imposter Syndrom is real. Do your work, get a coach, journal...whatever it takes to shake that off so you can begin your journey. The world needs your offerings!

Eighth: Remain a student. I am regularly enrolled in some training program that helps me refine my craft...or provides another point of view.

Ninth: Get friendly with tech. Setup an appointment calendar online and establish a way for folks to sign up for your services. I like Calendly dot com, but there are many to choose from.

Tenth: Be you. No one else can sparkle quite the way you do. So go shimmy down that runway and know that I will be on the sidelines rooting for you all the way!


Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS

yogi. digital artist. mentor.


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