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We Need Others

It's easy to isolate ourselves.

It's easy to turn away from others.

It's easy to develop the mindset that "things are better done on my own".

But what about those pleasantly unexpected interactions with strangers?

What about the people in your life that exude warmth and friendliness?

What would happen if we welcomed these and became them ourselves?

I'll tell you what will happen.

You'll smile more.

Your days will feel brighter.

Your compassion will flow out of you like a bright light.

You will begin to manifest peace and spread it to others.

Your warmth will be contagious and soon others will join you.

You'll collaborate. You'll grow. You'll live.

We need people in our lives. Some may be disappointing, infuriating, and heartbreaking. But most will be warm, friendly, loving, kind, compassionate, and supportive. Find those people. Welcome those people into your life. Create memories. Share. It's in our nature.

-Sarah Ford,


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