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Yoga for the Teen Dancer

Help your teen with dance and body image through yoga.

Does your teen dance? Dancing is a way to the soul and can make us feel so much joy. It can also create some unrealistic expectations about what a dancer's body "should" look like, and be able to do. Refine your Teen's dance practice while encouraging healthy body image, flexibility, and coordination. Did you know this posture is also known as Wild Thing in yoga? It's true! Many dance postures are also found in yoga.

At Edge, we are very mindful of helping Teen Dancers reach their goals in a mindful way. This is a perfect way to help teen's prepare for competitions, as well as work/life balance in school. We never encorporate religion into our classes, so rest assured this class really does welcome everybody.

Take our survey to be added to the waitlist and give your feedback on what your teen needs.


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