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Have you ever wondered about the many benefits of hot yoga? This course will guide you through all that you will need to learn how to teach an effective hot yoga class. We will provide you the cues, qualities and modifications for each of the twenty-six postures commonly seen in hot yoga.

Don't want to limit yourself to only twenty-six postures? Learn an entire array of yoga asanas to teach in your next Hot Yoga class! This course also includes The Yoga Asana Handbook, Yoga Snippets and A Glimpse of Yoga by Michelle Rae Sobi to enhance your program.


What to expect...

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Studio Policies
Due to complete access to our program, no refunds may be granted. If you have questions, send us a CHAT prior to purchase.


Thank you for choosing Edge for your Wellness Professional needs!

Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS
Owner, Edge Academy


Hot Yoga Certificate

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