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Thank you for trusting Edge with your sound healing journey! In this course, we will have lectures, labs, and practicum opportunities. I hope you will be able to enhance your meditation offerings with the soothing sounds of your favorite instruments.

What instrument sets your soul on fire? Let’s craft your hobby into an offering sought by yogis.


How to Graduate

Read the required reading "Sound Healing for Beginners" by Goldman and Sims. Submit worksheets on what you learn.

10 hours


Participate in our live Zooms as we explore the spinning wheels known as Chakras. Recordings may be posted depending on the lesson. Makeup sessions will be offered.

10 hours


Practice your instrument either in person or submit an audio or video file.

20 hours

Total: 40 hours to earn your "Sound Healing Certificate"



Join our Band! The Healing Beans wants you to share your love of music!


Sound Healing Certificate

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