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Have you always dreamed of teaching yoga in paradise? Love doing yoga outdoors and other amazing places? Get our Top Ten recommendations on where to start. Our experience running Yogalooza will save you time, trouble, and money! Get ready to become a Yoga Retreat Guru this year!

One day this will all be behind us and you can travel on that day. Do you have somewhere to go? Discover new places to go close and far to host a yoga retreat at.

We understand you miss seeing the bright blue waters of the Caribbean. Take this time to learn a craft and embark on something new. In our yoga teacher training, we offer many opportunities for you to learn within our tribe!

Don't have a travel buddy? The beauty of hosting a retreat is you get to go wherever you want and do whatever you like...but still have travel companions!

Have you ever been on a vacation and wish you could do something else with your days? Now is the time to set the stage for something magical for your future.

In this course, we will guide you through some foundational things you need to know about running a yoga retreat.

Need more guidance? Work with Michelle Rae Sobi directly in a guided consultation about how to make your tropical dreams come true!



Yoga Retreats Certificate

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