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I am.

Lately I’ve been seeing a number of posts trending from friends in the psychology field. The crux of these posts is that we do not “get over” anything. We work through trauma, we learn to look at things from a different angle, but these things do not “go away.”

To be honest, I initially dismissed these posts as negative. But as I see them resurface again and again by trusted professionals of the mental heath industry, they may have merit.

These tragic events of our lives shake the core of our being – our very foundation. The soul is too wise to forget such things. They nests in our root chakra.

The root chakra is where our sense of safety resides. It is the “I am” chakra. When out of balance, each chakra stacking upon it is affected.

We must tend to the root chakra. That work may or may not have an end date or finish line. Continue to nurture this chakra and remind yourself that you are safe. This moment, right here, as it is…safe.

Embrace your history and allow it to be a gateway for spiritual growth. We cannot change the past, unless of course we tackle space time…but that post will wait for another day.

Meanwhile, be kind to your SELF. Say nice things to her. Remind her that she is not her past, and her world view can shift into one of beauty and light and love. Shanti!


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