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A Red Carpet Event, Yoga Gigs with Sobi

I am so excited to announce our event at Hollywood Palms theatre this week. They literally pulled out the red carpet for our photoshoot.

The theme of this Yoga Gig with Sobi is "You can do Yoga Anywhere, No Matter What You Wear" and aims to remind you that you can take the mat (or a red carpet) anywhere you like to do yoga. It does not require expensive yoga clothes, or even a yoga studio. Find your yoga practice anywhere you like! If you want to get out of the house for some responsible socialization, head over to Hollywood Palms. There is plenty of room to stay in your bubble and also have some fun. Keep an eye open for the entire photoshoot being featured in the Fall. This is a beautiful venue to frolic and play, so head on over to catch your favorite show. TIP: Did I mention Wonder Woman is playing?!? Featured: Sammi Callaghan

Venue: Hollywood Palms, Naperville Photo Credit: Michelle Rae Sobi

Do you have a local business that would like to invite an Edge Alum for a virtual or live yoga class? Connect with me via CHAT for info. #Project2021 is an effort to feature local business impacted by the closures of 2020. Support these venues with your patronage and you'll be helping your community while you do. Namaste, Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS Owner, Edge Yoga School Photographer and Visual Storyteller


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