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Abby’s Women’s Circle

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What is a women’s circle? A women’s circle is a gathering or ceremony that creates a safe space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share their experiences. The ultimate goal of this is to create sisterhood and community, as well as provide a setting in which we can heal and truly express ourselves.

More than ever, modern society isolates us from each other. The constant blur of activity keeps us out of touch with ourselves and too busy to check in with each other. Life experiences and social conditioning steer us away from our true essential selves. And in a patriarchal world, women lack the social structures in which to acknowledge the everyday female experience, leaving many of us feeling lonely, empty, and lost.

Through an event as simple as a women’s circle, we are given the opportunity to rejoin the broken rings of sisterhood and reignite our awareness as women. Each circle revolves around a theme relating to the experience of women, giving women the chance to reflect and share their beautifully unique perspectives, perspectives that vary as greatly as the colors of the rainbow. With listening ears and open hearts, we can heal our severed roots and find grounding within each other. We can relate to the experiences of other women and remember a sense of belonging. We can be seen for our true selves and open our lives up to transformation.

Tune into the podcast above for more insight as to what to expect at a women’s circle as well as a personal account of how women’s circles have made a difference in my life.

Come join us and find what you’ve been missing. We gather every 4th Friday at Edge Yoga School from 7:30pm-9:00pm. Please bring something to place at the center of the circle, such as a flower, photo, crystal, anything that holds meaning to you.


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