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Edge Yoga Bliss

Presenting the farmhouse in Winfield Township

Take your yoga practice amidst some of DuPage County's most serene hot spots. We offer indoor and outdoor yoga workshops and yoga teacher training at our venue.

This quiet setting will be all you need to align with your breath and find presence. Students of Edge Yoga School & Arts may earn hours in our programs.

This serene and tranquil setting provides the perfect environment for you to connect with your inner self, allowing you to focus on your breath and cultivate a sense of presence in the moment. It offers a peaceful sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the practice of mindfulness and self-awareness.

At Edge Yoga School & Arts, students have the opportunity to not only deepen their own practice but also to earn valuable hours in our comprehensive programs. These programs are designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in yoga and the arts, empowering you to grow both personally and professionally.

Which program would you like to enroll in?

  • The 200 hour yoga teacher training: Become a Yoga Teacher

  • The 300 hour yoga teacher training: Workshops, Retreats, and Leadership!

  • The 85 hour yoga teacher training: Prenatal Yoga

  • Specialty Programs: Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sound Meditation...and more

Which association would you like to join?

  • Yoga Alliance

  • International Association of Yoga

  • American Council on Exercise

  • Chittra World Yoga Association

Not sure what path is right for you? Ask us about our offerings and flexible schedule Send us a CHAT on our website for more.


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