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Find Us on Patch Naperville!

Supporting the neighborhood with yoga, meditation, and art.

Edge has been serving Naperville for over a decade. We have grown from a yoga studio to an academy of the arts. Join us for a yoga class or enroll in one of our programs. We believe yoga is a way of life where practitioners can live the eight limbs of yoga to enhance their relationships with others, understand themselves more deeply, find wellness in movement, presence in a centering breath, move attention away from the noise of the day and toward what serves them, find clarity of mind to see what needs to be seen, and experience a life of joy and bliss. These are the eight limbs of yoga and I aspire to teach them to you. We have a number of programs for yogis to enhance their career to include Health Coaching, Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, Online and In-Person Programs, Art and Sound Meditations, and so much more. Are you a yogi looking for a place to offer your services? Edge is a co-op that opens our doors to local yogis to share their craft. We also offer business solutions to help you share your message! Connect with Michelle Rae Sobi for mentorship opportunities and to grow (or begin) your career in the mindful arts. Michelle Rae Sobi holds the highest accreditation in both Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga. She studied Visual Storytelling and Photography at Berkeley, and remains a student of life.


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