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Is Struggle a Necessity?

I used to think that everything worth having was hard. I believed that achieving success meant you had to work yourself to death. 

I remember almost 5 years ago I had a coach that told me if I wanted to be an entrepreneur I had to be willing to work 60 hours a week and stay up until 3 am in the morning to meet deadlines.

I was like......WHAT?! Why would I want to do that???!! 

You see, I wanted to be an entrepreneur so I could do my life's work with ease and buy back some of my time to spend with family and friends. I wanted to escape the current structures that restrict and rigidly dictate how we are to live our lives.

I wanted to feel more joy, peace and flow.

I wanted to BE, DO and HAVE more and struggle less.

Needless to say, I moved on from that coach pretty quick and found others who could teach me what I wanted to know.

When you are ready, the help appears! And so it did!

5 years later here I am exactly where I want to be. Of course there were ups and downs and times I feel back into struggle, chaos and crisis. But I had a road map to get me back to the path. I learned how to change my brain and my inner world. BELIEVE me, It's so much easier than trying to control your outer world!

Most of us have been taught that prosperity can come only when we work hard and stress over our goals. We have a mindset that struggle brings rewards.

While it is true that struggling through a challenge may bring awareness's later that are life changing...... 

We don’t need to actually create struggle in order to succeed!

That's can succeed without struggling. Do I have your attention yet?

Ok, what's the catch, right? Well, there is a catch. You have to "rewire" your brain with new programming. That struggle programming is embedded in your neurology and will continue to run until you intentionally reprogram it.

The main tools I have used to change my programming are Emotional Freedom Technique also known as Tapping and something called ECO-meditation.

These techniques work because when applied correctly, they release the patterns of anxiety and stress form the nervous system so that old traumas and events can be resolved. Once this happens, new patterns of beliefs and behavior can be created to take the place of old limiting ones.

You can literally build a new brain. This will enable you to be, do and have what you want!

I call this building a Buddha-Brain.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, I encourage you to research the topic and If you would like to learn more about my Buddha-Brain Breakthrough Program, please visit my website.


Niko Ana

Peace & Prosperity Coach


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