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Keep Arts in the Schools

Every now and then I see a post in my newsfeed about keeping the arts in the schools. This is a topic I am oh so very passionate about.

As a small business owner, I regularly have the opportunity to work with young people just getting started in the workplace. One trend I have consistently noticed is the ones that have some form of training in the arts, such as music or dance, are more creative and solution-oriented than those that do not.

Many studies have been published to support why this may be. In the end, each of the senses plays a critical role in the comprehensive development in the brain. While I understand the need to pursue a core curriculum to keep up in a global economy, I feel we must not lose sight of the need for leaders in this ever-changing world.

It is for this reason that I have decided to offer all of my programs to public school teachers at 50% off, year-round. I am with the hopes that the lessons taught in yoga teacher training can find their way into the schools. Yoga teacher training has been traditionally exclusive in price and availability, and I am to make it inclusive. Edge will bend over backward (literally) to offer tuition and scheduling options for the most important job of all...teachers leading our youth.

Ready to begin your journey? Head over to our online resources site, select your program and use CODE: KTHRU12.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.

Namaste, Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS Owner, Edge Yoga School


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