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Oh...the places you will go!

See our locations you may earn Lab hours!

Hold onto your hats, folks... Edge Yoga School continues to EXPAND! So, I took a chance and decided to find my niche as a Yoga School...rather than a yoga studio. = My heart is full. Owning a yoga studio is not for the faint of heart, and the truth is I didn't really enjoy it. What I loved was coming for training, holding space for my instructors, and sharing the eight limbs of yoga! I found alignment with how I could do all of these things, and still find work/life balance. Owning a yoga studio is a full time job, in and of itself. Many small studios are closing because they are overextended. So let's work together to serve our communities. Yoga and mindfulness are on the rise now more than ever!

So what does this mean? Edge is hiring! We need experienced Yoga Teachers that love filling their classes and sharing their message. I'm collabing with a number of locations, and offering labs for yoga teacher training while there. Key things we will need to help the energetic flow along is: - a diverse group of instructors - different styles of yoga to fit the venues - experienced teachers that crave endless learning - dependability...a must - enthusiastically share their message on social - a warm community (no cool girls, please!)

It is my intention to continue mentoring students and providing consulting for yoga studio owners, while offering yoga teacher training. This is my life's work. Head over to and send me a CHAT to begin a conversation. Whether you are a yoga teacher looking for a gig where you are supported and appreciated, or you are a yoga studio owner looking to return to loving your space...Edge is here to serve.

Coming Soon: St. Charles, Illinois!!!! Venue Partners: Naper Settlement Green Men Yoga Zen Loft Wellness Center Eagle Academy of Martial Arts - Aurora Dance Spot Of Dupage Naperville Wellness & Salt Cave Do you have an amazing venue in Naperville or the surrounding areas? Send me a DM to begin a conversations.


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