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Photo Clinic for Yogis

A love letter to my yogis,

I understand. The world went virtual quicker than we had a chance to blow our incense stick out. For some, this was an easy transition. For others, it cost them their yoga class.

Times have changed and yoga is nothing if not flexible. We must adapt and change with the times. Allow yourself to meld into what is and embrace your love of yoga, once again. Many of my yogis feel they are tech-challenged, but that is just not so! Let me guide your hand into the warrior you are and help you adapt. Your students need you! In a world of copyrighted pictures, music, and video...what's a yogi to do? It is time to toss your hair in a messy bun and grab your camera. We have work to do! So what now? I've created an introductory course to lead you into what you need to know to get started. Join now and enjoy a plethora of livestreams, podcasts, and free digital assets to help you share your message. Don't let life put you in a box. Spread those beautiful phoenix wings of yours and fly with me! I'll be on my mat waiting for you. Let's get that moon picture before your next new moon workshop!

Namaste, Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS

yogi. digital artist. mentor.


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