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Sample Meditation Scripts

Meditation Scripts by Yvonne, Edge Alum

Morning Outside Meditation Gaze into the back of your eyelids and scan your body for any areas of tension you may feel. Soften and relax these areas, relax your face, and begin to take slow deep breaths. Inhale in the promise of the new day you have been gifted, and exhale the worries of yesterday. Allow the breaths to cleanse your energy and soul. Feel the sun warming your skin and listen to the sounds of the earth awakening. Remember that you are one with the universe and with every living thing around you. Every day is another chance to start fresh and live in harmony with all that surrounds you.

Strength Meditation Strength isn’t always physical. It isn’t the amount you can lift, or the muscles on your body. Strength is also the ability to overcome emotional pain to find your smile. Think of something that has troubled you today. Something that may be heavy on your mind. Create an image that resembles this trouble and visualize it as you gaze into the back of your eyes. Slowly start to see the image fade away with every breath that you take, unti