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Wellness Summit

Join us for a FREE Virtual Wellness Summit! An array of speakers will present on how to live your best life. Get the tools needed to find harmony in your body and the world you live in.

Tune in to hear from some of your favorite wellness experts!

Be sure to RSVP to get specific registration instructions. You won't want to miss this!

Each summit presenter will have a YouTube Premier so be sure to stay tuned for the series of episodes!

The Schedule:

Wellness Summit Part I 12-12:30

Pranayama and Sleep with Michelle Rae Sobi

Digestive Health with Estela Streacker

Wellness Summit Part II 12:30-1:15

Managing Anxiety with Dr. Leona

Ten Tips for Health with Holistic Healing and Wellness

Wellness Summit Part III

Tap with Niko Ana Burkhardt! Get her FREE course for joining!!


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