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See what our Alum have to say!


This training effectively and comprehensively tied all of the 8 limbs of yoga together for me in a cohesive manner, which I expect to generalize, moving forward in my own practice and teaching opportunities.

- Jen S., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School's Michelle Rae Sobi runs a comprehensive yoga program. The program is skillfully put together and run by teachers filled with wisdom and knowledge about the yoga philosophy, yoga teaching, training, alignment, students, and learning. Most importantly, the program gives an experience of a lifetime through the yogic journey of a student and a teacher. It serves in every aspect of a yoga school and program. Michelle Rae Sobi has created a sacred space and a sacred experience and I am grateful to have been a participant of this. I am grateful that I will be able to share the knowledge and experience with my future students.

- Krisi Y., Yoga Alliance


I highly recommend Edge to everyone who is looking for an excellent teacher training program that will prepare you for your future as a yogi.

- Rose M., Yoga Alliance


Perfect course for me! Michelle and Team (Rachel and Sam) are amazing teachers. This experience changed my life and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity. This course will guide you to find the yogi within you. Not all yogis are the same, if you are prepared to find your golden Buddha please consider this teacher training.

- Nicole M., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School provides a truly exceptional teacher training program. My experience was so much more than I expected, I believe, because of their team of teachers. Each of the teachers brought so much knowledge and experience to every class. We covered everything from yoga history and philosophy to the art of teaching, including breathing and meditation techniques, asanas and modifications from beginner to full expression - including modifications for special populations - anatomy and proper alignment. We definitely covered everything listed in the syllabus above and had plenty of hands on and practice teaching opportunities. Edge also offers its students flexibility in scheduling training times, make up classes, and retreats. The studio itself, both locations, is warm and inviting. I have to add that I am a personal trainer and have many years in group-exercise and workshop presentation. This was by far the most comprehensive training I have ever experienced. Yes, each teacher brought the educational material to the table, but, more than that, they brought genuine love and care for every student. Edge Yoga School and their team of teachers definitely walk the path of what it means to practice yoga on and off the mat. I am so grateful for the intellectual, physical and spiritual growth I received here. Namaste

- Kay M., Yoga Alliance


I loved the environment that was created for us students to learn and participate in. We had several interesting discussions that I never would have had in another setting, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have completed my 200 hour training with the Edge Yoga School.

- Rachel R., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School taught so much more than just the "curriculum" and it made for a very rich learning experience.

- Darcy M., Yoga Alliance


It was a life changing experience overall.

- Olivia F., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School provided what I was looking for and more in my YTT; In depth discussions, hands on experience of physical yoga practice, both individually, as a group and with our lead trainers. Assignments regarding the philosophy of yoga and how that reflects in our every day lives I found incredibly life changing! My soul, quite literally has been re-awakened; to my potential, a better understanding of my SELF and of those around me. I also found the diversity of lead trainers both enjoyable and program enhancing, to experience different perspectives yet with the same aim, to give the students a program equipped with all the tools necessary to teach an effective, safe and educated yoga class that enhances an individual or group both physically and mindfully and Edge Yoga School most certainly achieves that.

- Debi T., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School provides a comprehensive yoga teacher education, in a caring, challenging, and fun environment. The curriculum is thorough, ensuring students get the training in key components of teaching they need (e.g. anatomy, asanas, practice teaching, planning classes, business of yoga, etc.), and sharing resources for building upon and maintaining our learning. The flexible schedule that Edge offers, enables it's students to complete their training in their own timing that fits their schedule.

- Leigh L., Yoga Alliance


This was such a beautiful experience & i’m so thankful for everyone who i’ve became to know.

- Samantha M., Yoga Alliance


Michelle Rae Sobi is a force in the yoga world! Edge Yoga School will continue to increase in notoriety and prominence.

- Rache G., Yoga Alliance


Michelle is a blessing in this course. She is so knowledgeable, and she also allows for students to learn at their own speed.

- Alyana B., Yoga Alliance


This was an amazing experience, and I would highly recommend Edge Yoga School to anyone looking to become a certified instructor!

- Katie A., Yoga Alliance


I LOOOOVE Edge Yoga School!

- Jenelle M., Yoga Alliance


I'm so happy to have gone through this training!

- Lisa L., Yoga Alliance


We discussed the objectives of offering hands-on assist appropriately. I especially benefited from modifications for beginners or those with injuries, which I really appreciated.

- Tanya S., Yoga Alliance


My experience at this school was exceptionally authentic and unique. I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend and teach during my training.

- Siera C., Yoga Alliance


The training program offered by Edge Yoga School was comprehensive, hands-on, and collaborative. Upon completion of the training, my confidence was at a level in which I was able to teach my first class with success.

- Patti J., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga has provided a wonderful opportunity to individuals from all walks of life to learn about yoga. Michelle's programs allow for flexibility, which, in today's world, is much needed. The programs provide abundant opportunities to learn from experienced yogis and provide a plethora of information on all things yoga.

- Patrica C., Yoga Alliance


It has been an immense pleasure to study at Edge Yoga school! I've learned so much about Yoga in my time there. It has only added to my passion for yoga. This is really just the beginning and I really look forward to being able to grow and learn for years to come. - Erin R., Yoga Alliance


Such a welcoming environment; they provided me with the tools, knowledge, support to learn the skills needed to become a qualified 200 certified teacher. The flexible schedule options made it possible to complete the 200 hour program in a timely fashion. They receive a high recommendation from me. - Liseth C., Yoga Alliance


What I loved most about the training was the community/ relationships that were built. We all supported and helped each other through the process and even after. Every individual had something to teach the group and we learned so much from each other. Also, Michelle does everything she can to make sure each of us succeeds by helping to support us in any way she could.

- Katie S., Yoga Alliance


I enjoyed the hands on training platform and experiential opportunities with this program.

- Rachel M., Yoga Alliance


I love Edge Yoga School. The flexible hours to learn is a major plus that stand out from other school. The owner Michelle is phenomenal. I am so blessed to go to this school. I am filled with gratitude to have an amazing yoga teacher training journey through Edge Yoga School.

- Y. Indi., Yoga Alliance


Michelle runs an amazing school. I am beyond grateful to have my training from her and Edge Yoga School.

- Rosa C., Yoga Alliance


Loved this program love Michelle

- Daidra M., Yoga Alliance


This was the most incredible transformative experience with incredible teachers, classes, retreats and discussions. I feel fully confident after my training in my ability to help other practice safely and wisely. Edge Toga studio runs an excellent Teacher training and I was very blessed to be part of this community.

- Caoimhe D., Yoga Alliance


I feel all of the above topics were covered extensively and if I needed the topic to be reviewed, Michelle/Owner would make sure to go over that topic again in an upcoming class or even. I was very pleased with the training I received at Edge Yoga School and can't wait to go out and share my knowledge and skills with the world.

- Michelle S., Yoga Alliance


Training was great! Met a lot of truly amazing people, and had lots of opportunities to teach! Michelle Rae Sobi was exellent and I learned so much about the industry and owning a business from her.

- Lisa J., Yoga Alliance


A wonderful school that offers the needed information in a wide variety of ways.

- Patricia C., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School teacher training was an exceptional experience.

Amy H., Yoga Alliance


Excellent instruction, great curriculum and guidance along the way. Feel extremely prepared to teach Yoga!

- Stephanie E., Yoga Alliance


Great experience, loved the flexibility of the learning environment and always felt extremely welcome and encouraged to participate! Just a happy place to learn and grow and feel empowered!

Kendall S., Yoga Alliance


Amazing program and prepares you for a fufilling career.

- Stephanie E., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School offers a wide range of learning opportunities; delivered in a flexible schedule, at an affordable price. I gained invaluable training from diverse, reputable sources, while experiencing true spiritual community. This experience has helped me become a better yoga teacher and even more importantly, a better human being. I would recommend it highly to anyone that is seeking to elevate their practice.

- Jennifer S., Yoga Alliance


Michelle was an amazing instructor that encouraged the enrichment of growth through every how of this program. I can't think of a better learning environment to take such a detailed course. I would take this course again in a heartbeat. The affordability of the program, material, and constant communication are key aspects for me. Michelle and Edge Yoga nailed it all.

- Joseph M., Yoga Alliance


Excellent school, great community environment. So many wonderful teachers to learn from.

- Stephanie E., Yoga Alliance


YTT at Edge yoga school has been an amazing journey for me to gain knowledge about the nuances of teaching yoga and to meet fellow yogis from different walks of life. The entire online experience is also seamless and enhanced the ability to attend classes wherever we may be. Overall, best use of my quarantine days !

- Janani D., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School offers a solid, comprehensive program. I went to Edge Yoga School for my 200 hour YTT and would not have chosen to do my 300 hr any where else. My fellow teachers and students share their knowledge and passion which adds to the learning experience and creates a feeling of community. In this current time of Covid-19, on-line training is not only welcome, but the only way I could continue my education with EDGE. Even with this being an online experience, the feeling of camaraderie and community was strong. Learning our manual was enhanced through ongoing Zoom sessions, teach one another, classes, and group discussion. I hope the Yoga Alliance will continue to support this type of learning in the future. This is an opportunity to provide YTT for those who otherwise might not have the schedule that permits in person training. Established Schools, like Edge Yoga School, are able to provide the same well-rounded education online as in person. Thank you, Michelle Rae Sobi, and Edge Yoga School for holding space for me and this journey!

- Kay M., Yoga Alliance


Outstanding school and training, a great experience.

- Dan L., Yoga Alliance


Super flexible scheduling is what attracted me, great community and teachers. So happy to have found this gem.

- Andrea G., Yoga Alliance


I am satisfied with my training and for having achieved the goals presented to me. Edge Yoga School is an open-minded, diverse and dynamic school. Michelle is a charismatic teacher, strong lady and fun person, who knows how to create a space for each one to advance at their own pace. I'm grateful to Michelle and my colleagues at Edge Yoga School who shared time and space with me. It's been a wonderful trip ...

- Elsa F., Yoga Alliance


Very inclusive and welcoming!

- Julie K., Yoga Alliance


Truly enjoyed my yoga teacher training at Edge Yoga School! This experience increased my knowledge about yoga, provided the tools to be able to teach yoga. Grateful for the opportunity to actualize a dream of mine!

- Kara L., Yoga Alliance


I Loved that there were so many teachers available and contributing to the program. The co -facilitators really took their time to prepare worthwhile lessons. I could tell they truly cared about the development of the students and took care to deliver information as well as answer questions to the best of their ability.

- Brendon P., Yoga Alliance


Yoga learning opportunities at Edge Yoga School are wide ranging and offered with a very flexible schedule. The Prices of the classes are reasonable as well. I found the instructors resourceful, creative and helpful. Thanks to the encouragement received from instructors and Michelle Rae Sobi the owner. My experience and learning of yoga was thorough and enjoyable. Three cheers for Edge Yoga School!



I just loved completing my RYT200 online through Edge Yoga School this Spring and early summer. The quality of the instruction was great and the community of learners is second to none. I absolutely recommend Edge Yoga School to anyone looking for an inclusive school to pursue their Yoga journey.

- Marcelle K., Yoga Alliance


Great experience, very flexible with individual needs

- Alyssa D., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School offers great flexibility for training at your pace. So much yoga education is available for you to fully engage and understand. I highly recommend this training, especially during COVID!

- Jan D., Yoga Alliance


Classes were great. It was definitely a learning experience working thru all the technical difficulties of zoom. But made it thru!

- Brooke L., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School worked for me because of their individualized approach. How I interpret and consume data might not be the same for others and Edge's programming allowed me to learn the material but focus on the points that were more aligned with my own style.

- Steffy S., Yoga Alliance


Such a wonderful school. I felt confident and ready to get out there and make my dreams a reality with the knowledge and experience to teach. I highly recommend Edge Yoga School to anyone looking to make their dreams of turning their passion to their profession.

- Cassandra H., Yoga Alliance


The YTT from Edge Yoga was excellent! I've wanted to do my 200 hour for quite a while now but could never commit to the multiple weekends involved. The online option gave me the ability to go at my own pace and on my own hours. Michelle did a great job in providing the necessary content, the expectations and also the communication necessary to complete the course. I feel this course prepared me for teaching and also provided valuable information to further my practice...Thank you Michelle!

- Michael H., Yoga Alliance


If you want to learn how to become a Yoga teacher. Michelle from Edge Yoga School is one of the best teachers I have worked with in the past 6 years.

- Monika L., Yoga Alliance


Michelle is a wonderful teacher and always accessible to her students. She is very savvy also with working in social media and business development which is extremely helpful especially now. I enjoyed the training very much!

- Joleen K., Yoga Alliance


Enjoyed my yoga teacher training with EYS. This program has a balanced and varied approach to yoga and all it’s facets. Michelle is committed to sharing the art and science of yoga and has a program that reflects the historical and contemporary aspects of yoga.

- Lori P., Yoga Alliance


Michelle Rae Sobi is a dynamic yoga teacher and inspiration to the profession! Her enthusiasm and excitement for all things yoga as well as her nurturing, helpful nature made yoga teacher training fun and something to look forward to every week!!! Highly recommend her!!!! Thank you!

- Susan M., Yoga Alliance


Currently I am living in Portugal and this is the second Edge Yoga School training course I have done, so I am very pleased.I had the opportunity to enjoy an online training full of content that allowed me to do my work and follow all the syllabus, along with the support and encouragement of Michelle from a distance. I feel so grateful and happy

- Elsa F., Yoga Alliance


The experience I had working with Edge Yoga School was one in a lifetime. Learning about yoga, the history, and all things surrounding the yogic lifestyle was amazing and our teachers were super knowledgeable. I feel as though I have graduated the 200 RYT program with a better understanding of yoga as well as myself. I am very grateful and blessed to have been a part of this program.

- Samantha B., Yoga Alliance


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Edge Yoga School. I feel confident I can provide amazing classes to people in the community. The information provided and my overall experience changed my life in a very positive manner.

- Melissa W., Yoga Alliance


I like the intensity of the training.

- Eve F., Yoga Alliance


Edge offers a great program with flexibility.

- Lauren C., Yoga Alliance


This was a great school , I loved the instructors and felt that they really prepared me for teaching.

- Brooke W., Yoga Alliance


The little gem in the heart of a large suburb provided me with a wonderful path during my 200 YTT. Although primarily under the tutelage of one primary instructor, each of the teachers I had an opportunity to work with, shared from their personal gifts and taught from their hearts. The way the training has been designed allows for a unique support system with exposure to many different approaches to the yogic philosophy. This approach allows you to take what you need, and grow from there. For me, it was a wonderful next step on my lifelong wellness journey.

- Mary Beth N., Yoga Alliance


I had an amazing and life changing journey during YTT at Edge!

- Kelsey B., Yoga Alliance


I think that Edge Yoga Schools intention to bring yoga to everyone and make it palpable was enacted and evident throughout my training. I was grateful for all the opportunity I was afforded directly through the school, but also in connection to the wider community. The yogic philosophy and books were and still are the most impactful piece to my training and what I’m most grateful to have had formalized classes on. I am slightly nervous about my eye for catching potential students in the body work/posture, but continue to consult my handy yoga anatomy book and believe this lack of confidence comes from COVID related setbacks to training, not at all the school itself.

- Muryem Q., Yoga Alliance


Michelle Rae Sobi embodies the yogic mindset and is a fantastic educator. The programming offered by Edge Yoga School is immersive and flexible. I couldn't have asked for a better experience training to become a yoga teacher. - Dana F., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School offers a unique teacher training experience. The community at Edge is one that I hope to be a part of for time to come. I am so glad I stumbled upon this studio. - Haley S., Yoga Alliance


Teacher training at Edge Yoga School is a wonderful experience. Everyone is so welcoming and we all collaborate throughout to help each other grow and to teach one another. The owner, Michelle, is always there to answer any questions and is so helpful and supportive. She offers a judgement free zone to learn and to really help each yogi become the yoga teacher they were meant to be. There are also many additional courses that you can take to keep your education going and/or to help you move into a speciality. I can't say enough good things about Edge, the community, and what it offers to students. I have also been able to build my confidence at Edge throughout my journey so far and into my continuing studies there.

- Anna T., Yoga Alliance


I absolutely love Edge Yoga School and arts in Naperville! Michelle is the owner of the yoga school and she simply put, Amazing! It has been an awesome journey with Edge and I'm continuing with Edge fory 300. Thank you for being so wonderful Michelle Rae Sobi!

- Billy F., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School provides the flexibility that a working parent needs in order to complete a yoga teacher training program. Michelle provides a solid framework within which a student can choose from a menu of classes, field trips and labs. I would highly recommend this program.

- Rasa F., Yoga Alliance


Michelle offers a very flexible training option to accommodate even the busiest of schedules!

- Rebecca P., Yoga Alliance


Edge Yoga School & Arts was right for me, with the flexibility to complete the program while I worked full time. The community is lovely.

- Samara B., Yoga Alliance


I would highly recommend Edge Yoga School for Yoga Teacher Training. Michelle Rae Sobi owner and Lead Teacher creates a welcoming and inclusive space for you to complete your training. She is a fantastic teacher and mentor, and creates a community where students can interact and learn from one another. She guides and encourages students to explore their unique interests and talents throughout their teacher training. I have learned so much both on and off the mat while being a student at Edge Yoga School. - Diana M., Yoga Alliance


The Edge's YTT at TYC prepared me to teach. My the end of training, I was confident in sequencing teaching different levels of classes. I definitely here in my understanding of the history, evolution, and practice of yoga. The YTT provided a solid base on which to continue learning and grow. I am grateful for the training I received. - Kelli L., Yoga Alliance


I would highly recommend the program. The information that I learned has prepared me to lead and guide students throughout their yoga journey many thanks to my wonderful instructors. - Amanda M., Yoga Alliance


I cannot speak highly enough of Edge Yoga School in Naperville. Michelle Rae Sobi has a gift that she showers on her students. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and professional. She and her team of amazing teachers are super supportive and life changing. Her flexible program Allowed me to Move at my pace while working full time along with caring for my family. Michelle is available and encouraging every step Of the way. The mix of on-line and in-person is perfect and I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of this amazing community. - Therese B.


Edge Yoga School & Arts is an exceptional educational institution that offers top-notch yoga instruction to students of all levels. Michelle, the founder and lead instructor, is a truly remarkable person with a wealth of experience in both business and health. Michelle's passion for yoga and wellness shines through in every class she teaches. Her depth of knowledge and expertise is evident in her ability to instruct students at all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Whether you're just starting out or have been practicing for years, Michelle will guide you through each pose and movement with precision, care, and a deep understanding of anatomy and alignment. In addition to her skills as a yoga instructor, Michelle is also a highly experienced businesswoman. She has a keen understanding of what it takes to run a successful yoga school and has worked tirelessly to create an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive. From the moment you step into Edge Yoga School, you'll feel at home and part of a community. I highly recommend Edge Yoga School to anyone looking for a high-quality yoga education. Michelle and her team of instructors are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential and their commitment to excellence is evident in everything they do. Lastly, I cannot say enough good things about Michelle and the Edge Yoga School. Whether you're looking to deepen your yoga practice or start a new career as a yoga instructor, you'll find everything you need at Edge Yoga School. So, if you're looking for a truly transformative experience, I highly recommend taking advantage of all the opportunities Michelle has to offer. - Daniel S., Yoga Alliance


Training with Michelle at Edge Yoga School & Arts was an incredible experience. The training was flexible, in-depth, inclusive, and inspiring. While sessions are in a group setting, it felt deeply personal which was due to Michelle's passion and interest in each individual student. I would highly recommend training at Edge Yoga School & Arts.

- Kim H., Yoga Alliance


I had a great experience in classes and walked away feeling prepared to teach yoga upon completion of the course. - Stephanie W.


I am currently in Edge Yoga School's well-rounded YTT program, strengthening my own personal practice and learning so much about how to share its healing benefits with others. I recommend this program for its incredible value, more flexibility than other programs, and high quality content.

- Anne S., Yelp


This may sound over-the-top, but I am serious when I say that Edge Yoga School changed my life! Michelle is such a loving, accepting soul and her generosity allowed me to pursue a dream that I didn't even know I had. I went through her YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) last year after my mom passed away, and the knowledge, teachings, weekly classes and the people (ohmygod the people!) transformed me into an entirely different person. I'm so grateful for Michelle and her YTT programs. Super-knowledgeable staff, beautiful teachers, diverse curriculum and an endless amount of support and acceptance. Since graduation, I have decided to pursue my 500-hour and Edge Yoga School will be the only place I go for this!

- Darcy M., Yelp


During the yoga teaching certificate program, I was able to connect with my teacher, Michelle, frequently, as I trained for Yoga Mat, Pilates Mat and Yoga/Pilates Fusion certifications. I was grateful for her input and enthusiasm. She is a great teacher with a strong yoga and pilates background, who continues to challenge herself, which I appreciate as a teacher and a student. Michelle teaches you to be open to continually challenging yourself. She respected my situation as mother of a toddler and being pregnant during the last part of my training. Her input on my filmed class segments was very helpful and I was able to apply it to my classes.

This program was great for studying at your own pace. And it was really affordable. As a pregnant mother with a toddler, I was able to successfully receive my certificates in an extended program that fit my busy schedule. With Michelle's encouragement and guidance, I am now prepared for the next step, teaching my own classes.

- Ashley O., Yelp


I have been going to Power Edge Yoga for 3 years and just began yoga teacher training. I LOVE it! It started off as something I needed for my personal practice/growth and it evolved quickly into something I want to share with everyone.

Edge Yoga School has a variety of teachers to guide you on your journey. You dig deep, it's a wonderful eye opening experience in getting to know yourself. There is a sense of community and family whether you are in a group class or in training. Wonderful quaint studio where you can make new friends, yoga and have fun.

- Nicole M., Yelp


I liked the opportunities to learn from both the instructors and my classmates. It was a safe space to provide feedback about our practice and teaching style. It also helped me find my style and brand, and helped me learn new things about myself and what I wanted to share with others in my practice.

- Tanya S., Yoga Alliance


I LOOOOVE Edge Yoga School!

- Jenelle M., Yoga Alliance


Michelle and Kristyn have provided space for a dynamic yoga teacher training that encompasses the perfect balance between modern and traditional philosophies while safely transitioning students from an authentic learner and into a authentic teacher. - Raya F., Yoga Alliance


The community was so welcoming and knowledgeable. I loved the flexible hours and the opportunities for intensive training.

- Lisa L., Yoga Alliance


I had my first ever yoga teacher training class and loved the relaxing yet professional approach Michelle brings to her class. I am a total begginer to yoga and with my lack of experience I felt all of the information was taught in a way anyone with any experience level could comprehend and digest very easily. I highly recommend power edge yoga to anyone simply because of the deep knowledge and passion of yoga that is brought to the table for an incredible experience!

- Mike V., Google


The studio and it's owner Michelle embody the warm and encouraging environment that is needed to become a great fitness instructor. With flexible hours and great resources, taking any fitness instructor training program here will set you up for success.

- Rachel R., Google


I have always loved yoga and practiced for many years I knew I wanted to become an instructor but having a full time job I was always very discouraged to find a studio that could be flexible and understanding to my long work hours. When I started going to Power edge I fell in love with the studio, atmosphere, teachers, etc. I knew this studio was where I belonged. When Michelle said she was doing a teacher training I was so excited but worried I would run into the same problem I had in previous years. Michelle explained I could pick the hours we train and worked completely around my work hours. I cannot even begin to explain how much I learned in this process as well having an insturctor that is understanding to outside committments meant the world. She explains everything so well in an interactive and fun way. I highly recommend the teacher training if you have ever considered wanting to teach. I am so happy with my choice!

- Sally S., Google



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