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What is Intuition?

At our last women’s circle, we discussed the topic of INTUITION. Intuition is a mysterious, yet powerful force that lies in the souls of women. It is an essential part of our inner being that guides us on our path in life, and yet, under the influence of our modern world and lack of intuitive development, we tend to get disconnected from our intuition, ignore it, or even lose touch with it altogether.

I have slowly begun to remember and integrate my own intuition back into my life through my time reading Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book Women Who Run With The Wolves. She clearly defines intuition as “our instinctual life force. It is both fierce and enduring. It’s what is felt, rather than what is seen. It is the soul’s voice that makes us ask ourselves, ‘What is really going on here? What’s the truth behind all of this?'”

Through our circle, we all found that intuition is an inner voice in some sense, whether it be a whisper in our hearts, a general body feeling, a looming sense of “I don’t wanna,” a scream in desperate times, a manifestation in dreams, or even a thought way in the back of our minds, that lets us know what to do.

We had all been down a path in which we ignored that intuition, whether we consciously chose to do so or not. No matter what, we all learned the hard way that intuition was right all along, whether we should have avoided that relationship, not taken that job, or not attended that event. It all falls back on listening to ourselves.

Even though we found that life experience can steer us away from intuition, we can always come back to it, no matter what. We can leave that relationship, leave that job, say no to that event we don’t want to go to. We can start over, start fresh, start anew. We can always, always, always come back to ourselves.

EXERCISE: To practice and strengthen your intuition, get a piece of paper and pen. Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What do I want with my life?” 3 times, each time coming closer and closer to what you need. Then, wait until an image/symbol comes to mind. Draw that symbol and interpret what you need based on it.


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