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What's Happening at the Edge Co-Op!

Bring on the YoGa!!

Some have asked what we are up to at our little Co-Op. Here's the scoop: - Yoga Classes being led by local yoga instructors - Helping Yogis Go Virtual (We can help!) - Fun Workshops and Special Events (Self-Defense anyone?) - Photography Clinics to help you spread your message! - Paint Meditation classes for those who can't shut off their mind (or just like to play with paint.) - Corporate Yoga Gigs (the world needs yoga in the office!) - Training programs accredited by Yoga Alliance, The International Association of Yoga, and The American Council on Yoga (spread your wings and fly!)

I hope this shortlist of fun things we do to support our local Yogis is of service! Make time for your hopes and dreams, nobody else will!

How can we serve you?

Here is the who does what at the Edge Co-Op: Sammi Manages Power Edge, = Yoga Classes, Corporate Gigs Michelle Rae Sobi Mentors & Trains = Edge Yoga School & Arts Tina = Community Yoga on Sundays!! Shayla = Pilates! Lauren = Bring on the Kids Yoga! Janet = Slow Flow Yoga for YOU! Heidi = Morning Vinyasa Flow! Edge Team = Workshops & Special Events

Namaste, Michelle Rae Sobi Yogi. Educator. Mentor


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