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Yogis: Photography Bootcamp

Fellow Yoga Teachers and Small Business Owners! This post is for you! Learn how to create posts on social media that will fill your classes with ease.

What makes this a good picture?

If you follow me on social, you might know that this picture was VOTED best. The question is WHY this one?

All are welcome!

Join me for a mini-workshop at the Naperville Art League to explore some basics about how to take a great photo. You don't need an expensive camera, but feel free to bring it if you have one.

We will cover:

Composition: Setting up the picture for success.

Rules of Thirds: When not to center?

Lighting: Placing light between the wall and your subject.

Leading lines: Hel draw the eye to your subject.

Depth of Field: That blurry background that sets the rookie from the pro.


Register for the workshop to save your space below.

Naperville Art League

508 North Center Street, Naperville, IL 60563

​There is plenty of parking in the lot behind the building.

BOOK now on the button below to save your space.



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