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100 Days to RYT 200

Welcome to Edge Yoga School!

Our program is registered with Yoga Alliance and The American Council on Exercise. To become a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, you must complete six easy steps:


Read the welcome letter and download the manual.


 Choose the sessions you want to attend live on Zoom.


Read the lessons in a Glimpse of Yoga.


Watch the video lessons.


 Watch the anatomy lessons.


Listen to the Podcasts.


You may complete these tasks between now and June 30th. We also have study-hall and peer-led sessions to explore these learnings to attend prior to this date. In July, we put pen to paper and prove mastery of these ideas. Each student will be required to submit at thirty-minute video instructing yoga, if they completed the entire course online. In July, work on filling out your workbooks and submit to graduate! In all, there will be 180 hours of lessons. Once you have completed your work, you will receive your certificate from Edge Yoga School and be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT 200. Welcome to this side of the mat.

Tip: Please make sure to check back as we continue to publish lesson!

Thank you for choosing Edge Yoga School and we are excited to walk alongside you own your journey!


Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS

Owner, Edge Yoga School

*Tip: what is Good question! It is our academy library that houses all of our resources. Find the podcasts, videos, manual, and articles there! You will receive full access to the academy library upon registration. Register NOW!



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