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Earn your Yoga I or ACE CECs!

Edge Yoga School & Excolo Fitness Presents: The Yoga I Certificate, an ACE Approved Program! June 22nd 11:30-7:30 .6 ACE CECs

This course includes access to our online program for one year.

Did you know? *ACE requires 2 CECs every two years.

Tuition Yoga I Certificate from Edge Yoga School $249 CPR/AED $55 paid directly to Provider day of

SCHEDULE June 22nd 11:30-7:30pm

11:30-3:30pm Introduction Greeting, handouts manual and other material. Introduction of teacher and students. Benefits of Yoga Asanas – Lecture Reviewing the benefits of over fifty yoga asanas. Asanas will be taught in English, although the Sanskrit name will be provided for personal review.

Types of Asanas – Practical Application Forward Bends Backbends Twists Side Bends Balancing Inversions Standing Seated Supine & Prone Effective Cueing – Lecture/Demo Delivering clear instruction that your students can easily understand. Modifications – Lecture/Demo Common modification guides for Arms, Legs, Torso

3:30-4:15pm Break/Dinner Attendees may bring their own lunch or can purchase meals.

4:15-7:30 Anatomy – Lecture Primary movers will be presented for fifty yoga asanas. A comprehensive understanding of muscle groups will be covered in English.

Class Plans – Practical Application Preparing your class plan so that it has a smooth transition directionally from one asana to the next. Meet your students where they are. Be prepared to modify the class particularly in group fitness. Students will participate in leading one another in mock classes. Meditation styles will also be covered.

History of Yoga – Lecture Yoga of the East vs Yoga of the West. Philosophy. 8 Limbs of Yoga.

7:30-7:45pm Written Exam Open book exam covering the topics covered in the teacher training program.

7:45-8pm Delivery of Certification Students in attendance will be awarded either Yoga I Certificate, an ACE certified course or ACE CECs (.06)

Hosted by: Excolo Fitness 16310 S Lincoln Hwy #114 Plainfield, IL 60586


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