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Halloween Catwalk Photo-Op Contest

Edge is offering a walk-through parade at our Co-Op Studio in South Naperville. 

Come dressed up as your favorite ghost or goblin, we will snap a professional picture for you and text it to you the next day. One lucky costume winner will WIN a prize!

This event would honor social elbow room and only one group will be admitted at a time. Groups may enter through the front door and exit out the back to ensure a safe path for your Halloween entourage! Groups of three will be permitted at one time.

Registrants will receive a text message when it is their turn to come on in for their photoshoot! Please wait in your car until it is your turn to ensure there are no crowds forming at the plaza. Photoshoots will be limited to five minutes for your safety.

Edge aims to hold space to celebrate Halloween while abiding by local recommendations.

Those who would like to be included in the Virtual Costume Party Online may register to do so. Waivers and releases must be signed to participate.

Register NOW!


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