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Prenatal Yoga, RPYT

Are you a yoga teacher that is prepared for an expecting student to arrive in your group class? There are some basics you will want to know. Consider adding Prenatal yoga to your repertoire for this highly underserved community. Take the quiz below to see if you know the basics of leading a prenatal-friendly yoga class. This pairs nicely as a Restorative Yoga class on the schedule, while remaining appropriate to our mamas-to-be.


1. What is the most important tool to be aware of during your prenatal yoga practice?

A Your breath 🍒

B. Yoga blocks

C. Your core

2. Which trimester is cautioned in Reverse Prayer due to possible uterus compression?

A. First 🍒

B. Second

C. Third

3. What arm position is encouraged in Seated Prayer Pose in the first trimester?

A. Goal Post

B. Hands to heart 🍒

C. Overhead

4. What is a form of breathing that is encouraged and beneficial in prenatal teaching?

A. Pranayama

B. Ujjayi 🍒

C. Lions Breath

5. What is the main benefit of Open Leg fold in prenatal yoga?

A. Strengthens the core

B. Stretches the hamstrings 🍒

C. Opens the Chest

6. What pose should you start from when transitioning into Wide Legged Salute?

A. Wide legged fold

B. Side Gate

C. Warrior II 🍒

7. What is the importance of the yoga blocks in prenatal yoga we can share with our students?

A. With the blocks we are able to create space for the growing baby 🍒

B. Blocks are needed to lean their weight into

C. Blocks replace form

8. What is the prenatal benefits for the body through Kneeling Crescent Lunge?

A. Strengthens the core

B. Opens the hips to prepare for birth 🍒

C. Loosens the hamstrings

9. What angle should the back foot be in Warrior II?

A. 40 degrees

B. 90 degrees 🍒

C. 50 degrees

10. What should be done before switching sides in Open Leg Revolved Twist?

A. Stand tall in Mountain

B. Take time to recalibrate 🍒

C. Transition to side bend

11. When doing the Butterfly Morning Stretch where should you place the yoga block?

A. Under the hips

B. Under the head

C. Underneath the shoulder blades 🍒

12. What is the main benefit of Butterfly Goal Post Arms?

A. Open the heart and throat chakra 🍒

B. Release the back

C. Take the pressure off the spine

13. Where should the yoga block be placed in Assisted Pigeon?

A. Under the front knee

B. Under the extended back leg 🍒

C. Under the hands

14. What is the main focus of the Lunge with Block Pose?

A. Hamstring stretch

B. Hip Opening 🍒

C. Strengthening the back

15. What modification should be taken in the Soft Lunge with Block?

A. Dolphin

B. Down Dog

C. Hip Circles 🍒

16. What is the beneficial stretch in Kneeling Pyramid with Block?

A. Hip Flexors

B. Deep hamstring stretch 🍒

C. Arm stretch

17. Which position should you start in for the Gentle Kidney Squeeze?

A. Cross Legged Pose

B. Tabletop 🍒

C. Seated Butterfly

18. What modification should be offered in Opposite Arm/Leg Reach?

A. Low Lunge

B. Tabletop

C. Childs Pose 🍒

19. What is a great pose to use in Savasana?

A. Seated Prayer Pose

B. Open-legged Fold

C. Child’s Pose resting on bolster 🍒

20. What trimester is not suggested for full expression in Table Top on Blanket?

A. First

B. Second

C. Third 🍒

21. What does Cat with Soft Back prepare the body for in pregnancy?

A.Strong back

B. Stronger Core

C. Proper positioning for baby 🍒

22. What side should the mother lay on when doing side poses, to optimize oxygen to the mother and baby?

A. Right Side

B. Left Side 🍒

23. How many props should be used in Corpse Pose Supported Ramp?

A. 2

B. 3 🍒

C. 4

24. What position is great for transitioning into standing poses?

A. Goddess

B. Warrior II 🍒

C. Wide-Legged Fold

25. What modification can be offered in Lunge with Block?

A. Pigeon

B. Back knee down 🍒

C. Tabletop

26. What kind of posture is Child’s pose with Props considered?

A. Vinyasa

B. Hatha

C. Restorative 🍒

27. What kind of engagement should not be encouraged in Tabletop with Leg Extension?

A. Foot flexing

B. Core engagement 🍒

C. Glute engagement

28. Why are bolsters and blocks encouraged in Dolphin Facing Dog?

A. To engage the arms

B. To have something to lean into

C. To raise the floor to them in posture 🍒

29. What is a modification that can be offered in Dolphin Facing Dog?

A. Plank

B. Down Dog

C. Forearms on bolster 🍒

30. What is an important thing to keep in mind with Side Gate bends?

A. Don’t bring your arm overhead

B. Don’t over-exert the bend 🍒

C. Don’t look up to the sky

Want more? Enroll in our Prenatal Yoga class and register with Yoga Alliance as an RPYT in this 85-hour course. *Prerequisite 200hr YTT or concurrent enrollment with Edge Yoga School.


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