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Sanibel Retreat, 2021

Eat. Pray. Love Wellness Retreat in 2021. Let this be the YEAR of YOU!

A Note in January, 2020...before we knew...

How is your resolution going? Have you gotten what you wanted this year yet? Michelle Rae Sobi will walk alongside you this year with twelve months of BLISS! Don't miss these upcoming workshops as you embark on your journey towards JOY!

The lineup

Host: Jennifer Peterson Co-Host: Michelle Rae Sobi Meditation: Niko Ana

Updated June 5, 2020 from my initial blog. Sometimes life gives us exactly what we need. What can you learn from this season of your life?

February: Valentine's Day Love Yourself - things slid off track a bit here

March: Vision Board Workshop - I definitely did NOT envision March to be what it was

April: Wash Away the Old - Dear Lord, help us All!

May: Bloom into You! - Are things starting to get better yet?

June: Sun Salutations - Ok, I'm seriously ready for a RETREAT

July: Commune with Nature - Starved Rock Retreat July 26th. Let's reset!

August: Grow Thyself - Graduation Ceremony!

September: Fall into Joy - Let's plan a 108 Sun Salutations Fundraiser!

October: Discover Your Inner Child - It's Michelle's Birthday Month!

November: Gratitude - We made it!

December: Closing Ceremony - Let us allow 2020 to be a year of GROWTH!

January: Eat. Pray. Love. Sanibel, 2021

Join us for our monthly virtual workshops as we travel through ourselves, to ourselves. You're Invited!


YTT Tuition $999

25 Virtual Yoga Classes $250

Sanibel Retreat Tuition: $399 *Accommodations, excursions, flight, etc. not included.


January 4, 2021 to January 11, 2021 (or whatever dates work for you!) Recommended Lodging: Sundial Resort


  • Can I go for a shorter or longer period? YES!

  • Do I need to be a part of YTT to be invited? NO.

  • Will I earn YTT hours at this retreat? YES!

  • Must I commit to an itinerary beforehand? NO.

  • Am I ready? You tell me!!

Can I book my hotel now and pay for it later? YES! I recommend for lodging!

If I pay for the retreat, can I get a refund later? Unfortunately not, as there is a minimum & maximum for certain activities. You may gift the tuition to someone else or get a credit for any of our programs if something comes up.

What flight do you recommend?

You can fly on any day with whatever airline works best for you. We will be releasing our flight information and you are welcome to join our flight.

Do I have to do everything the group is doing?

This is an Eat. Pray. Love. experience and all about YOU! Come and go as you please. Our hub will be the Sundial Resorts, Sanibel which is about 50 minutes from the Airport.

Is my Itinerary picked out for me?

This is YOUR experience. You can book your excursions right from the hotel lobby or book in advance. I can tell you that I'll be frolicking on a SUP board in the water. Join me for Standup Paddle Boarding lessons!

Do I have to do yoga on the retreat?

No, but why wouldn't you? This is a wellness retreat. We will be providing more information about the excursions we recommend.

Make 2020 the YEAR of YOU and seal it with a wellness retreat. The journey begins now!


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