Sanibel Retreat, 2021

Eat. Pray. Love Wellness Retreat in 2021. Let this be the YEAR of YOU!

A Note in January, 2020...before we knew...

How is your resolution going? Have you gotten what you wanted this year yet? Michelle Rae Sobi will walk alongside you this year with twelve months of BLISS! Don't miss these upcoming workshops as you embark on your journey towards JOY!

The lineup

Host: Jennifer Peterson Co-Host: Michelle Rae Sobi Meditation: Niko Ana

Updated June 5, 2020 from my initial blog. Sometimes life gives us exactly what we need. What can you learn from this season of your life?

February: Valentine's Day Love Yourself - things slid off track a bit here

March: Vision Board Workshop - I definitely did NOT envision March to be what it was