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2023 Programming January to May!

Lecture, Lab, Practicum Experience!

Conference Call Lab

Tuesdays 12-1pm Wednesdays 6-7pm Saturdays 4-5pm

Sundays 12-1pm In-Person Lab

Thursdays at 95th Street Library 1-2pm

Sundays at 95th Street Library 1-2pm

Lecture Hours

80 Online Podcasts Practicum 20 Public Yoga Classes with Assignments 10 Anatomy Homework

10 Book Report

Field Trips To be announced in our Slack Community! Earn hours at local venues around town sharing yoga! 2023 Themes: October: 6th Limb Dharana November: 7th Limb Dhyana

December: 8th Limb Samadhi January: 1st Limb Yamas, 2nd Limb Niyamas, 3rd Limb Asana February: 4th Limb Pranayama, 5th Limb Pratyahara, 6th Limb Dharana March: 7th Limb Dhyana, 8th Limb Samadhi

April: 1st Limb Yamas May: 2nd Limb Niyamas

June: 3rd Limb Asana

July: 4th Limb Pranayama

August: 5th Limb Pratyahara

September: 6th Limb Dharana

October: 7th Limb Dhyana November: 8th Limb Samadhi

December: Eight Limbs of Yoga Intensive *Schedule subject to change for Special Events and inclement weather. As a rule is District 203 and/or 204 is closed, so is Edge Yoga School & Arts, so check their website for updates.

I aspire to offer the most personalized, flexible, and comprehensive program available. I look forward to walking alongside you on your journey. Send me a CHAT to get a conversations started to enroll in our tribe. Namaste, Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS E-RYT 500, RPTY, RCYT, ACE, PN, IAY


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