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About Our Training

Have you ever wondered what the Edge Yoga Teacher Training looks like? It embodies the eight limbs of yoga. We hone our craft through lectures, labs, and practicum opportunities. Through this process, our alum are ready to share their love of yoga in our community.

So what’s changed? We are focusing on the mentorship piece that has been lost with the cheap tuition you have seen arise in the last two years. Smaller classes are offered more frequently to ensure each student has one-on-one mentorship with Michelle Rae Sobi. In these meetings, personalized attention is given to carve out a training plan for each student.

There has never been a better time to shake off the survival realm many of us have been living in and move towards abundance.

Our Syllabus - The Eight Limbs of Yoga


What is your relationship with those around you? Enhance your soft skills and enjoy more harmony in your community.


What is your relationship with yourself? Find peace within during self-study and reconsile old patterns.


There are over 80,000 documented yoga postures. Let’s unpack your favorites and understand the anatomy of movement within them.


Have you ever just taken a deep breath and felt a weight lifted off your shoulders? The breath brings us to presence and reduces anxiety and fear.


Have you ever noticed pain increases when you pay attention to it? Learn to drawn that same attention to something more productive.


Would you like to concentrate on something joyful like a sound bath with a guided meditation? We offer this service at various venues around town. Feel the sound waves pour over you into relaxation.


Did you know true meditation poises a practitioner towards enlightenment? When we quiet the mind and the body, things become more clear. Create a space for this to occur in your life.


What does Samadhi mean to you? Find your spiritual connection that aligns with your values and beliefs. There is no right or wrong. There is only holding space for bliss.

If you found yourself saying any of the following to the above, consider beginning your training now. Life is short. Begin your best life today:

  • That sounds lovely.

  • I’ll take some of that.

  • I am ready to live my life in a more meaningful way.

  • The yoga community seems to be up to some really amazing things.

  • I wonder if I am ready to begin? (spoiler alert...yes!)

We offer training six days weekly in the evenings, afternoons, and weekends. You pick your training schedule ,and we will guide you towards your path. Each student is an individual looking for something personal from their training. Edge has honed this process to meet you where you are and be there every step of the way. Don’t short yourself with a training full of prerecorded videos and worksheets. Step into a growth mindset and prepare yourself to make 2023 your year.

Tuition $1899 includes training. Additional field trips, retreats, and training experiences are optional and not included in tuition. This Ala Carte approach allows us to offer accessible training while students choose which special events they want to attend. Join our sangha (community) today.

Questions? Send us a CHAT to begin a conversation.


Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS

Edge Yoga School & Arts

Downtown Naperville


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