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Baby It's Cold Outside eGift Cards!

We have SO many gifts for your elf to choose from!

You don't have to go out there! It's too cold to shop. Hit me up for an eGift Card for any of the fun things I am in the mix with. You will have it in your inbox in minutes! When everything shut down in 2020, I dove into coursework in the arts. I am three years on the other side of that, and this is the niche I carved out for myself. These are some of my favorite things.

Paint Meditations Busy the hands, still the mind. Naperville Park District, Fifth Avenue Tuesdays 3-4pm $120

Restorative Yoga with Sound Bath Get your movement in to sweet sounds. Grow Well Yoga, Fifth Avenue Thursday, January 5th $25

Sound Bath with Guided Meditation Snuggle up and enjoy meditation. London Skye, Downtown Naperville Any Tuesday in January 6-7pm $30

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation The place is all yours, and boy is it cozy! Edge Mentorship Center, Downtown Naperville By Appointment $120

Private Yin Yoga Session How about a private session for your practice? Edge Mentorship Center, Downtown Naperville By Appointment $89

Small Group Health Coaching Gather round and achieve your goals in our sangha. Edge Mentorship Center, Downtown Naperville Any Friday at 5pm in January $59

Yoga Asana Photoshoot It is time to go digital, Yogis! Green Screen Room, SW Naperville By Appointment $479

Yoga Teacher Training Learn a new craft while enhancing your personal practice. Edge Yoga School, Downtown Naperville Flexible Schedule $598 Online Tuition includes a FREE Manduka Yoga Mat! $1899 Hybrid Tuition includes a FREE lululemon Studio Mirror!

Join our Meetup Group or send me a CHAT to chat more about which of these services your elf would most enjoy. A eCard will land in your inbox within the hour. Stay warm out there! Worried about getting the wrong thing? Don't be! Your elf can apply their gift card to whatever they like. Namaste, Michelle Rae Sobi

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