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Bandhas 101

Introduction to the Bandhas

By: Jessica Jayne

Anybody who has ever seen me move knows that I make big movements: full of expression, fluidity, and expansion. I don’t tend to create shapes that look like the traditional asana, and I play inside of the shapes. I move around, wiggle, and push and pull the boundaries of my body to its fullest extent.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the way that I teach and how that's directly correlated to the way that I move. I’m not a standstill kind of asana teacher, because I’m not a standstill kind of asana practitioner. I don’t teach about anatomical alignment (a little of course, but you won’t be hearing much about the psoas or functions of the shoulder joint in my class) and more-so teach about the energy of the body.

I teach what I know; and that is how to explore the body, in a safe way, to better understand ourselves within our human nature and to realize who we are beyond that.

One of the main ways I translate this, is through energetic alignment. What I have realized through much of my own experience and study, is that if we are able to have a strong sense of energetic alignment-- we are then able to move in ways that aren’t systematic, that are explorational, and still keep ourselves safe.

We begin to experience a ‘lighter’ awareness within the physical body that allows for us to move fluidly through different shapes, go upside down with ease, and backbend with softness. This doesn't just come down to the asanas themselves however, as when we are more aware of our energetic body it follows us everywhere; in the way we walk, dance, run, move, etc…