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Here's the truth...I'm working on my Thanksgiving dinner. So, if you find a nifty deal that is comparable to one of our programs, we will price-match it. If it is in your budget to head over to our SHOP, you may register today for the price listed. If you are on the fence about which training to go with because the truth of the matter is most folks are stretching the almighty dollar right now, come to Edge for your training. Reply to this email with your favorite coupon or deal, and we will honor it.

Training starts Saturday. Let us teach you what we know! If you have questions, send us a CHAT and we will keep an eye on it as best we can.


The Edge Team.

Courses: RYT 200 RYT 500

Health Coach



Hot Yoga

Group Fitness

...and so many more.

*excludes coaching services.

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