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Let me build you a sandbox and bring you to paradise!

You don't need some mythical creature to bring you bliss! You've got Michelle Rae Sobi! Let me guide you towards experiencing your own hopes and dreams in 2020!

Head over to our virtual kiosk to ring up some of these FAVORITES!

  • Experience Yoga

  • Sandbox Creation

  • Costa Rica Retreat

  • Professional Mentorship

Do you need more sand in your life?

Every hour we will unveil another $ALE so leave this page OPEN! The items listed will remain the same, but watch the prices change EVERY HOUR! Like LOVE, prices will go UP and Down!

Why are you still waiting for someone else to bring you JOY? Give yourself some BLISS in a yoga class, start your own business, travel the world. The best part of JOY is you have it within you and you don't need some mythical creature to stab you with an arrow to get it!

Give yourself this gift of JOY today! Just like love, we don't offer refunds, but you can give it away any time you like! See what Michelle Rae Sobi can do for you today!

Get your tickets now!


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