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Meet Kallyn, Artist & Alum

Edge loves to support Alum in every aspect of their lives. See what Kallyn is up to with her career in art, and see some amazing artwork! We are excited to have her as our featured artist for #ArtJanuary this month for Yoga Gigs with Sobi.

See her work! HERE


Offering a forgiving perceptionist view through the eyes of magic, wonder, persona, otherworldliness, and a generally fuzzy brain.

Enjoy your time here, and I'll see you on the other side!

About the Artist:

Kallyn Perich, or her artist name KalE, is a 21 year old, currently Chicago suburbs based artist. She is an Edge Yoga School alum, graduating in 2017 from the 200hr program. She has spent the last few years deeply exploring art practices, after a lifetime of interest and putting this concept on the backburner. Her studies at Joliet Junior College will bring her an A.A.S. in Fine Arts and a certificate of completion in the Graphic Design program. During her time at JJC, she was featured in two student art shows at the campus, one showing at St. Francis University, and one showing at Governor’s State University. Come summer 2021, she will branch out to Milwaukee, where come fall she will continue her education at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, where she will receive her Bachelor's Degree in New Studio Practice. She hopes to one day invest in property that will serve as a community art house, where alike artists can share a space where they have the opportunity to work, grow, prosper, and share ideas with others in a nonjudgmental setting.

Contact Kallyn:

Feel free to reach out with inquires at:

KalE_artwxrk on Twitter

Kallyn Perich on Facebook


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