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New Year's Letter

New Year's Letter

To my friends and family, Happy New Year! I hope this day brings an abundance of joy and bliss to you!

Each year we begin our journey of the upcoming 365 days filled with hopes and dreams. This year, I invite you to choose one thing that really matters to you. Put daily structures in place to remind you of it. Add an alert to your phone, put it on a calendar, and tape it to the closet door.

What do you want? Whatever it is, don't feel guilty pursuing it. Sometimes we put everyone and everything else in front of our greatest desires. This is a recipe for regret. That regret often ends up as bitterness. Whatever you want this year, make time for it. Put in resources towards it. Refrain from putting it behinds other things in 2022.

You might just find that come 2023 your wildest dreams have come true. The very next day, pick something else and do it again. Year after year, I meet my resolution this way. Here is my secret recipe, and I invite you to have a taste!


  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Realistic

  • Time-bound

In yoga, we call this work tapas. Put the heat in your intention and turn it into a reality.




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