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Teacher Training Revolutionized

Changing the way you train to meet your needs.

Edge Yoga School & Arts is once again revolutionizing how yoga teacher training is offered.

Gone are the days of sitting on the floor one weekend a month at a studio to become a yoga teacher.

I’ve been training and mentoring for over fifteen years and hold the highest credentials possible with Yoga Alliance! I remains a student of life and learn so much from my students.

Join our labs in any of our fun locations to learn how to craft a yoga class or practice teach one! Yoga is nothing if not flexible! See some of our field trips:

Enclave in Downtown Naperville

Naper Settlement

Studio 25 Naperville

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea

Naperville Public Library

What some Edge Alum are doing these days…

Opening Studios

Yoga Asana Photoshoots

Running Yoga Teacher Trainings

Offering Continuing Ed Workshops

In Home Private Sessions

Teaching in Schools


Enhancing Private Practice

…and so much more!

Ask me about our satellite locations for intensive training experiences!


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