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Push the Pedal

Learn to celebrate your life.

A woman from another land once said that I sure knew how to enjoy life. I consider this my greatest compliment. Life is short. Embrace it. Take a chance. Do the thing. Dismiss the naysayers with love and compassion...and then forge ahead.

As I write these words to you, my hope is they will find their way to whomever may benefit from them. Maybe you?

Would you be satisfied if today was your last? It is time to zoom into what you want to do. I'm not going to lie. It might get messy. All of the best things do.

So go ahead, push the pedal on the bike, and feel the wind in your hair. Join the Edge Yoga School Tribe. We are having so much fun.

Send me a CHAT and let's pick the program that speaks to you. Let me teach you what I know...while I learn so much from you doing so.


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