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Our Manifesto

The Edge Yoga School Manifesto

Build a COMMUNITY where souls feel SAFE in finding personal TRUTH.

Create a space where time cannot be STOLEN, EXCESS is not found and POSSESSIVENESS does not reside.

PURITY of thought may be explored while CONTENTMENT within the heart is discovered.

GENERATE WARMTH to help GAZE INWARD and learn to SURRENDER to that with which we are aligned.

Bodies will open, close, twist, bend and invert, as BREATH drives MOVEMENT.

Learn to DETACH from the comfort of the senses through the art of GUIDED MEDITATION. Aim for the mind to find peace through CLARITY.

A space where each soul crossing over this threshold is invited to become part of this collective BLISS.

  • Michelle Rae Sobi, Edge Yoga School


How can the Eight Limbs of Yoga help a yogi live more in the present?

Please take these "snippets" of teachings as my personal view of how I apply the eight limbs in living yoga. These are brief and loose translations of ideas that have been intricacy examined by humanity perhaps since the discovery of fire. This concept was first introduced to me by Leslie Kaminoff, author of Yoga Anatomy. Prior to fire, humans would have spent much of their existence simply surviving, and unlikely to spend many resources on experiential thought. I invite you to read with an open heart and mind. May it be of benefit.