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Spring Catalogue: Michelle Rae Sobi, Lead Trainer

See what we have planned for this Spring! Click the buttons for more info on some of our favorite programming! Have questions? Simply send us a CHAT to get your answers.

Join our 200 hour yoga teacher training and register with Yoga Alliance this year!


Join our 300 hour yoga teacher training at our South Naperville studio and train with Leslie Kaminoff in the Yoga Anatomy Principles renowned program, while you do!


Are you a yoga teacher looking to teach to a highly underserved community? Join our Prenatal Yoga teacher training this year.


Would you like to embark on a new career in photography? Learn from Michelle Rae Sobi to become a Yoga Photographer while earning your certificate at Edge.


Do you love all corners of wellness? Earn your certificate as a Health Coach and expand your repertoire.


Do you want to help kids manage their stress and have some fun? There has never been a better time to complete your training for Kids Yoga!


Let the fun begin! Register for any of our programs listed above and get your free Kulae yoga mat to train on!


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