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Starved Rock Day Retreat

Take the day to immerse yourself in yoga and explore the eight limbs of yoga.


Join Edge Yoga School for a day retreat at Starved Rock.

We will explore the eight limbs of yoga in various activities throughout the day. All are welcome to drop in to join whatever serves them. Please see the map for our meeting spots.


1-1:15pm Welcome and Hello’s Meet outside the lodge where the trolley parks. This will be our regular meeting spot. In the event of inclement weather, we will meet in this spot, but inside the lodge. The trolley parks just in front of the restaurant located in the lodge. Please see the map for details. 1:30-2pm Chair Yoga on a Log

Asana, The Third Limb

We will walk over to the outdoor theatre benches.

2:30-3:30 Guided Hike, A Walking Meditation

Dhyana, The Seventh Limb

Join Billy as he leads a hike as we build community with one another.

4-5 Lunch on the Veranda: The First Limb of Yoga

Yamas, The First Limb

Let’s talk shop about what the Yamas mean to you!

5:30-5:45 Soft Gaze, Eyes Closed

Pratyahara, The Fifth Limb

Take fifteen minutes to see if you can withdrawal from your external environment and gaze inward.

6-6:15 Breath Practice

Pranayama, The Fourth Limb

Choose your favorite breath work and share it with the group! Please refrain from any breath retention practices.

6:20-6:45 Meditation in Nature with Betty

Dharana, The Sixth Limb

Enjoy a body scan in the grass just to the side of the outdoor theatre. 7-8 Sangha ‘round the Fire: What is Yoga?

Niyamas, The Second Limb

Come together in community to talk about what a sangha is to you.

Book this retreat for only $99, but don't wait. Space is limited.

All programming is subject to be moved inside the lodge, depending on weather. Students of Edge may earn yoga teacher training hours at this retreat.


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