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Stretching the West in Forward Bend

Explore spinal flexion in this lesson. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for details on our upcoming Anatomy Clinic!


BENEFITS Stretch the hamstrings. This inversion lengthens the spine. Revitalizing stretch with the properties of an inversion.


From Mountain Pose, inhale, lengthen the torso. Hinging from the hips, fold forward. Allow hands to rest on the floor, grab big toes, or place hands under feet. Keep weight balanced on both feet.


Allow the exhales to melt you deeper into this asana. Allow gravity to deepen this pose. Be mindful you aren’t pulling your shoulders out of their sockets to touch the ground. Allow the crown of your head to release in the direction of the floor.


Keep knees slightly bent. Hold elbows. If dizziness occurs, come up slowly, often a result of low blood pressure.


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