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Sun Salutations Membership

Are you ready to get your flow on? There is no better way than Sun Salutations to generate HEAT and burn off what no longer serves you!

This membership allows you to pick your own schedule from any times we are offering this class. Each class will be self-paced and allow you to get in those Sun Salutations as quickly (or as slowly) as you wish. How fast you go is not what matters, it is that you show up to do the work.

Results come to those who step on their mat and find movement. Our Sun Membership is only $108 monthly, so that is only a buck a salutation! Isn't your wellness worth at least that?

When to get those Sun Salutations:

  • Monday 4-5pm

  • Wednesday 4-5pm

  • Friday 4-5pm

  • Saturday 4-5pm

  • Sundays 4-5pm

What to do:

Purchase your monthly membership now for only $108 for the month ahead, and attend any of the sessions listed above. Don't wait, space is limited and you want to be sure to get your yoga in! Drop-in ANY session above once you purchase your membership. NO need to register!

Reasons to do it:

  • Exercise boosts the immune systems

  • Salutations are perfect for moving meditation