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The Art of Livin'

This month has been one of realignment and renewal for me. Eight days in Cabo gave me time to reflect…and yesterday’s event with Matthew McConaughey prepped me for my next chapter.

Those who know me best know that I am a student before I am a teacher. Personal growth is essential to my existence. Therefore, you will always find me enrolled in some course or another. This year, I am setting my focus on The Art of Livin’ with McConaughey course. I think he’s cool…in a nerd-like kind of way. If you watched his webinar yesterday, you would know that is the highest of compliments.

He had some cool cats present on the event to include folks I’ve had the chance to learn from in the past. Keynote speakers included: Marie Forleo Tony Robbins Trent Shelton Dean Graziosi

Head over to audible to check out McConaughey’s new book “Greenlight” if you are ready to do some growin’ of your own. The thing about growth is somethimes it makes the folks around you feel uncomfortable. For that, I recommend an oldie but a goodie. Below is the link to Boundaries. All healthy relationships depend on boundaries, so know them…and live them! Nobody is getting very far without them.

As for me, I aim to launch my personal vision for 2024…my “WHY” if you will. My North Star. My Purpose. My Dharma. I’ve sketched out the outline and now I will roll up my sleeves to do the hard and joyous work of growth. You are invited. Join me at Edge Yoga School where I will be hosting workshops and good-natured shennanigans to hold space for your growth, too.

To give you a clue and an insider’s view, I can tell ya’ that it involves 5th Avenue, Downtown Naperville, Naper Settlement, and some field trips to some of my favorite places.

Here is a line-up of some upcoming workshops that will form the foundation:

Some of these are already sold-out, but grab the ones you can.

Until next time, M.


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