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Things to do...inside

Earn your hours in one of our many beautiful venues this month

This week at Edge Yoga School: Field Trips!! If you are inclined to go inside, we have some choices for you!


Sunday, May 19th 3pm Webinar

- What is yoga teacher training and how to become a Yoga Teacher!

Zen Loft Collective: Batavia

Monday, May 20th 4pm

- Meditation Dance Flow with Gabriela Flows

Enclave: Downtown Naperville

Tuesday, May 21st 6pm

- How to Create a Class and fill out the workbook

Zen Loft Collective: Batavia

Wednesday, May 22nd 4pm

- Yin Yoga: Finding Stillness Within

Naperville Public Library: 95th

Thursday, May 23rd 6:30pm

- Yoga Anatomy: How cues and modifications change your primary movers

Naperville Art League

Friday, May 24th 2pm

- How to Master Yoga Photography

Naperville Wellness Salt Cave

Featured Event: May 30th 4pm

- Reiki Guided Meditation with Chimes


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