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Yoga Gigs & Mentorship

Check out Alum, Sammi at one of our favorite venues, Pinot's Palette in Downtown Naperville! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE while there!

Are you ready to begin an exciting career as a yoga teacher? Let us guide you on your journey. Edge has been training for over a decade and is here to help you refine your asana and yogic living. There is no end to where you can share your love of yoga, so connect with us to find out about gigs around town that sound fun to you! Ready to embark on yoga teacher training? We are running our 200-hour and 300-hour trainings at Edge now! Get the personalized attention you seek in our program. Michelle Rae Sobi is on Zoom six days a week for you to pop in and connect for guidance.

Our online portal houses over 300 hours of recorded Zooms, if flexibility of schedule is what you seek. Most students earn about half their hours with the resources online, and the rest attending live sessions. Here is our schedule, so get your calendars out and see which sessions are right for you!

  • Monday 6-8pm

  • Tuesday 12-2pm

  • Wednesday 6-8pm

  • Thursday 12-2pm

  • Saturday 12-2pm

  • Sunday 12-2pm

Our training is broken up into three segments to ensure you have all the tools you need to teach a safe and effective yoga class: LECTURE: Tune in to our podcasts on the theory of yoga; LAB: Grab your notebook and put pen to paper to create a class or workshop based on the LECTURE; PRACTICUM: It's your turn to teach! Check out the video below from Edge Alum, Jess about how to approach asana. In our 200-hour yoga teacher training, we teach you how to teach a yoga class, while in our 300-hour yoga teacher training we teach you how to lead workshops, retreats, and trainings.