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Yogi Word Bank

Spice your class up by expanding you vocabulary! Here is a list to get you going. Consider downloading a "word per day" app to keep your vocabulary fresh.


Align your pelvis to rotate

Allow your balance to hold

Arch your back

Begin in child pose

Bind your arms

Bring your hips

Breathe deeply

Bend your knee

Bow to the earth

Cross your legs

Circle your hips

Curve your spine

Curl your spine

Come up to the sky

Cartwheel your hands

Contract your chest

Draw a circle with your arms

Drop your head to your chest

Down to your knees

Expand your lungs

Elevate your leg

Embrace your stretch

Exhale deeply

Empty your lungs

Extend your leg

Elongate your right leg

Face forward

Flex your feet

Fill up your lungs

Fold forward

Fall into forward fold

Ground your feet to the mat

Grow into tree

Gaze your eyes to your thumb

Grip your left wrist

Gravitate to your mat

Hinge forward

Hold your right wrist

Hop forward

Hug your knees

Inhale slowly

Invite your naval to your spine

Interlace your hands

Jump forward

Kick your leg back

Lift your head

Lean to the side

Lengthen your spine

Lower your leg

Lay on your mat

Lunge your right leg

Melt into the mat

Meet me in a seated position

Necklace your neck

Open your chest

Push up

Peddle your feet

Pull your leg closer

Pause your pose

Plant your feet to the mat

Point your toes

Rotate your legs

Reach to your feet

Round your chest

Retract your shoulders

Release your breathe

Raise your head

Roll over on to your side

Rock your body

Squat to chair

Spread your legs

Stretch your hands

Sink into chair

Sway your hands

Stack your hips

Sway your hands

Squeeze your calves

Sit on your mat

Step forward

Sweep your arms

Shift your legs

Straighten your spine

Shine your chest

Spin your wrist

Soften your front ribs

Scoop your tailbone

Spiral your inner thighs

Square your hips

T your arms

Tuck your toes

Touch your toes

Tighten your natural corset

Twist to the right

Windmill your arms

Walk out your feet

Willow your arms to the right

Wiggle your toes

Windshield your knees


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