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Demystifying the Chakras

Demystifying the Chakras: An In-Depth Look at the Subtle Body

By: Jessica Jayne

The energetic system is a sophisticated body of Nadis (energetic channels) and Chakras (energy centers) that house the Pranic life force, or vitality, that is the foundation of all creation within the physical body and the World.

Though most yoga schools focus on the three main Nadis and the seven main Chakras, many Tantric texts say there are 72,000 Nadis that channel Prana to every cell within the body.

The three main Nadis are what house the majority of our Prana (vitality), and within the center channel, Sushumna Nadi, are the seven main Chakras.

Chakras, by definition, are spinning wheels of energy. They are the portals in which our Prana runs through, and within each Chakra is a specific vibrational energy that affects our nature in some way. Each Chakra governs a different aspect of our personality or human nature, but they all coincide to bridge together our relationship to the physical and divine planes.

Though there isn’t necessarily a systematic route to working with the Chakras, the lower three energy centers are related to our connection with the physical body, Earthly realm, and identity. Whilst the top three chakras are in relation to the true reality, higher Self, and Divine.