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Feminine and Masculine Energy: We All Have Both!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I want to talk about energy. More specifically, the feminine and masculine energy that is inside all of us. When we first think of the words "masculine" and "feminine", there may be a moment when stereotypical ideas pop into our heads due to the patriarchal society and the attempt to keep those forces separate. However, I challenge you to look past what first comes up in your mind, and trust more of what your intuition tells you about your energy. The feminine and masculine energy inside us runs on a spectrum that we are constantly sliding between. When our energy is heavily focused more on one side than the other, we get out of balance and may notice a depletion in energy. To find that balance between the masculine and feminine, we must give time for both throughout our day and throughout our life.

To help explore the energy you hold, I will break down and give examples for both the feminine and masculine. I will also provide ways to help create balance.

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy focuses more on the creative side. It may look more like a Type B personality. It can be compared to the yin to the yang.

What might feminine energy look like?

When in balance: feminine energy may look like taking time in your day for self-care, working on art, or feeling an ease and openness to whatever the day brings.

When out of balance: it may look lazy or feel heavy. It may be hard to find motivation to do things or complete tasks.

Ways to incorporate feminine energy into your life (when you're feeling overworked/have too much masculine energy):

-Create: color, paint, write, cook or bake your favorite foods, make music, or read for enjoyment (nothing that has to do with your career or what you're pursuing- sorry yogis, no fun yoga books to better your practice this time!)

-Self-care: face mask, body scrub, dry brushing and self-oil massage

-Dance around: get that body moving and free all that feminine energy stored inside you!

-Try new, fun activities: whether it's attending a painting class or exploring a city with friends, go out and try something new!

What is masculine energy?

I see masculine energy as the task master, focusing on rationality and logistics. This would look more like a Type A personality. It can be compared to the yang to the yin.

What might masculine energ