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GO VIP - Succulent Breath Tribe

Need a Tribe?

Are you looking for a peer-led group that will offer you a safe space to navigate through life?

In this group, we will cover the eight limbs of yoga:

  1. Social Embodiment

  2. Inner Exploration

  3. Movement

  4. Breathing

  5. Sensory Retreat

  6. Concentration

  7. Meditation

  8. Joy

Walk together with your Tribe towards JOY!

For those of you that know me well, know I live inside joy most days. This is not to suggest that I don't have bad days, or am exempt from suffering.

The truth is I do experience these emotions, but it takes me so much more to get there, I don't stay as long, and bounce back into gratitude rather quickly.

What would you hope to get from our coaching sessions? We want to know!

Let me teach you what I know and share space for our tribemates to do the same.


- Michelle

Find Your Tribemates Today!


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