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Goodbye, Dog Patch!

It is with great sadness to see yet another Small Business close this week. Please head over to Dog Patch on Ogden and stock up on supplies needed. These folks have been rescue only for years and have raised the bar in our town. These days it is just so easy to go to Amazon and order pet supplies, that a small business such as Dog Patch are forced to close their doors on August 31st.

Small Business owners must band together and shop locally if we are to fair this storm. Please, please think twice before adding more to your online shopping cart. These are our friends, neighbors, and for many, patrons of our own businesses. Stopping by your local small business is a great way to connect and feed our social needs!

Dog Patch was so generous to open their space earlier in the year for our Yoga Gigs with Sobi event to raise awareness for resues. Above is my favorite picture from that day.

We are in this together. Thank you, Dog Patch, for your years of service to Naperville. You will truly be missed.


Michelle Rae Sobi

Yogi. Visual Storyteller. Educator


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